Finding Better Phone Service

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Finding Better Phone Service

A few months ago, I realized that our home phone service was absolutely terrible. We were experiencing a huge number of dropped calls, and it was really difficult to stay in contact with the people that we loved. To fix things, we decided to investigate the possibility of moving to a different phone service. After talking to several different providers in our area, we felt confident that one company in particular could help us. They had a friendly staff and a great payment system. This blog is all about choosing a better phone service for your family and your home.

What Do You Need For Robust Video Surveillance?

Cameras are getting more affordable with higher quality every day. High definition (HD) cameras with 720p resolution are becoming the norm, and it's honestly a disservice to yourself to even try cost cutting with lower quality cameras. This leaves you with room to do a lot more with video surveillance, and there's quite a few features that you could manage on your own with the right system. Here are a few video surveillance system features to help you pick the right products and services without being swamped by heavy details. Read More